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Embrace the Fun of Upcycling: Finding Your Perfect Project

Hey there, fellow sewing enthusiast! Let’s talk about something super cool: upcycling. It’s like giving old stuff a magical makeover into something totally fresh and fabulous. Not only does it make the planet smile, but it also lets you show off your creative flair in the best possible way. But hey, I get it – starting an upcycling project can feel a bit overwhelming. Nobody wants to end up with …


Sewing Dreams into Reality: How Friends Helped Me Start an Etsy Shop

Hey there, lovely readers! I’m so excited to share a little story about how my hobby of sewing turned into a lifestyle choice, all thanks to the incredible support and encouragement from my wonderful friends. It’s a tale of creativity, friendship, and the joy that comes with turning something you love into a little Etsy adventure. The Joy of Sewing: So, sewing has been my happy place for as long …


Summer leggin’s, colour that lasts

With my youngest being born a year ago, I felt a deep loss of my SewJo, but this is finally being rekindled in recent weeks. As a mother of 2 my creative time is limited, and time consuming projects can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed at the best of times.  What I’ve found helps me is to focus on projects I can complete in those moments, seeing results early and often …


My New Years Resolutions!

Everybody is coming up with New Years resolutions. Do they last? No not really, why not? And why always waiting until January 1st to make a change? Now a few days into the new year I would really like to change a few things wasn’t satisfied with all my choices made in 2017. So I thought to myself the best way to make that happen is to share them with …


Holidays = More time for sewing?

Well that was the plan! But the reality looks different. As a mom of an 8 month old boy you take every free minute you can get to live your hobby. But what am I telling you. Some of you probably have 2 or more kids and even less time and you’ve got it done? I know I know …  The plan was to sew myself a lunch bag where …


Baby’s first pair of shoes

As a first time mum-to-be of course I only want the best for my baby and not just ‘a’ pair of shoes.  So I went thorugh all of my sewing books and sewing patterns I collected and bought over the years since I started sewing. And I found a really easy and simple pattern in one of them. Baby Leicht! Nähen mit Jersey für Babys(Baby Easy! Sewing with Jersey for …