With my youngest being born a year ago, I felt a deep loss of my SewJo, but this is finally being rekindled in recent weeks. As a mother of 2 my creative time is limited, and time consuming projects can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed at the best of times. 

What I’ve found helps me is to focus on projects I can complete in those moments, seeing results early and often helps me to stay motivated and its incredibly rewarding. In order to achieve this, preparation and organisation are necessary.

So my favourite thing to sew would be Legging’s.

They are often a single pattern, they are made with a good amount of stretch so the fit is generally easier, plus they can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. I particularly enjoy keeping them simple while exploring how they might compliment another garment or complete an outfit.

Leggings also make a great project for any sewer, whether you’re a beginner starting out or experienced with limited time, or even just looking to accessorise with a side project.

Don’t hold back, go bold!

First Things First


No need for expensive tracing paper or tools. All you need is a drawing paper roll you can get from IKEA (MÅLA) a long ruler (helping you to get some of the lines/edges straight), a pencil and some paper scissors (never cut paper with your fabric scissors!).

TRACE YOUR PATTERN onto the paper and CUT IT OUT, remember to add a SEAM ALLOWANCE of 0.7cm/0.3inch (Version 1)

TRACE YOUR PATTERN onto your fabric by using chalk or a water erase pen or CUT IT OUT directly using the pattern as a guide. Don’t worry about seam allowance, you’ve added it already to your paper pattern! (Version 2)

Lets get started!

Version 1: Drafting your own pattern from an old pair of Legging’s 

# fold your Legging’s together so that you can see the crotch seam (front). You now trace the inside seam onto your prepared tracing paper. Don’t worry about adding extra for the waist and leg hem. This you can do when your full pattern is traced, I find it easier that way.

# now fold your leggings over to the other side so you can trace the butt seam (back). Trace along that inside seam. 

# your pattern should look like mine now. You have the front and the back seam on the outside and no seam in the middle. That gives you more comfort while wearing them. And your tracing lines can look uneven, no worries about wobbly lines. You can straighten them when adding the seam allowance, like I did.   

# you now add the seam allowance all around. 0.7 cm/0.3 inch on the sides and up to 2.5 cm/1 inch on your wait and leg hems. *I’ve added another 10 cm to my leg hems, since I’m quite tall 😉

# when the seam allowance is added you can use your paper scissors and cut out your self-drafted pattern. Congrats you’ve made your own Legging’s pattern!

Version 2: Existing pattern purchased from your trusted pattern designer 

or you can download one of the free patterns online. I’ve attached a link for a free pattern here* which includes very easy to follow instructions and promised to be a very comfy fit

Hoopes Park Studios – Sew Loft Patterns (the entire library)


I’m using the pattern “Wentorf”** by the German pattern designer called Pech & Schwefel. I’ve added another 10 cm to the leg hem too.

** https://shop.pechundschwefel.eu/produkt/leggins-wentorf/

#TRACE YOUR PATTERN onto your fabric or use it as a guide to cut around with scissors or rotary cutter which I prefer to use (I’m much quicker with it than with scissors)

Let’s get the Sewing started!

With right sides together, I always start to sew the crotch (front) and butt (back) seam before closing the inside leg seam. My next step is hemming both legs. I’m adding a tunnel to the waistline for the elastic. And then I’m pretty much done and have new Legging’s which just scream “SUMMER”!

And the best thing is that I could make matching trousers for my littlest one! 

It’s an absolute quick Beginners project with 100% success guarantee. These Leggings brighten my day and will always put a smile on my face while wearing them. 

Knowing I can quickly create something wonderful in between those more chaotic moments of life is such a gift and I hope you find this useful and inspiring as well.