It’s been a long time since I’ve wrote a blog post. Yeah I know. But I had to catch up on other sewing projects. Worst excuse ever! I always start projects without a plan, I should maybe think twice about it. Would save me tons of time for sure!

My top 3 patterns :

Based on these patterns I created myself a new summer wardrobe. I made us family hoodies for Easter with bunny embroidery; sleeveless tops for the super hot summer days in the city; circle skirts for even more hotter days and a big stash of Kimono Tees. Some of these you can see above.

I always look out for simple patterns. The ones which are not time consuming and easy to sew. I did try a dress pattern too, which was far away from a beginner one. But I did not have trouble to follow the step by step instructions. And it was one of my goals to step out of my sewing comfort zone.

  1. I did fail my first one. I went shopping and bought myself clothes. It lasts almost 5 full months. It was SALE and my family was in town so we went into a big shopping centre and I couldn’t resist.
  2. I looked out for basic patterns and did find a lot. Successfully sewed T-shirts, dresses, circle skirts, hoodies and raglan long sleeve shirts. I even started to sew my own underwear. But I wasn’t happy with the seams the patterns included so I went back to buy underwear (for now).
  3. Still haven’t managed to get better with my time management. The only thing I stopped doing is sewing late nights. I made too many mistakes and went to bed grumpy and sad. Lost my “sewjo” quite a few times. So my new rule is cutting the fabric in the evening so that they are ready to be sewn together at daytime.
  4. Do things I love to do? 100% yes. Stopped stressing myself about undone house work. It’s not like it’s running away or so. Tomorrow is a new day and comes with more time to get everything done … And I really enjoyed this years summer!

A little peak of my September makes: